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We calculate nutritional information for you from your product recipes.

We also provide software to enable you to calculate your nutritional information from your recipe ingredients.

The Team





The Nutritional Information Solutions Team have developed and tested nutrition calculator systems to help food producers to provide nutritional information calculated from their own recipes – a cost effective and quicker alternative to laboratory analysis.

Our experts have a proven reputation and expertise in the production of the UK Composition of Foods (McCance and Widdowson) datasets and nutrition knowledge qualifying them to be your experts.

We would be very happy to work with UK  food producers in order to meet the updated food labeling regulations. If you would like us to help you please contact us today.

The calculation of nutrition data is very cost effective compared to direct laboratory analysis but can be difficult for food companies that have little or no knowledge of nutrition and food composition. Calculation software may be available from a range of providers but is limited by the need for producers to accurately match their ingredients to available food composition data and to take into account nutrient changes during production.

Avoid costly laboratory analysis with our new supportive nutrition information service and print your labels with certainty with our independently certified solution.