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We calculate nutritional information for you from your product recipes.

We also provide software to enable you to calculate your nutritional information from your recipe ingredients.


We found the Nutritional Information Solution service highly cost effective compared to laboratory compositional analysis. The service is simple, personal and supportive with the Institute of Food Research scientists leading you through the process, after you supply your recipe information.

Sarah Savage, Director Essence Foods Limited 29th October 2015

For me, as a small artisan business I prize integrity, quality and price. Your turnaround and service is unmatched!

Pete Bramley P&D Artisan Products Ltd 1st March 2016

For a small business, we found the Nutritional Information Solutions a quick, easy and cost effective solution to comply with new labelling laws, backed up by friendly helpful staff

Kathy & Richard Thompson Chillis Galore 16th March 2016

We at Ollands Farm Foods found the service to be highly professional with a fast turnaround and very clear outcomes which will be easy to use on our products. Thank you. 

Mary Ann Stuart Ollands Farm Foods 16th March 2016

As far as I was aware, this [EU food labelling legislation] was something better left to the professionals, and NIS were very helpful indeed.  The whole process only took two weeks from our first meeting, so they were spot on.

They were great to work with, very friendly, but professional too – and good value for money.

Mark Jarvis Whin Hill Norfolk Cider 26th May 2016

Yau's Food Products Ltd

The speed, accuracy and value of the Nutritional Information Solutions service was really great for Yau’s Food Products

Phil Yau Yau's Food Products Ltd 21st July 2017

Case Study – Ice Cream Manufacturer

icecreamThis business supplied regionally to larger retailers with hopes of a new retailer listing on a national scale. They had used nutrition calculator software previously but were concerned with the new food regulations and new national retailer listing, that their nutrition label information might not be entirely accurate. To assist, NIS calculated three products and compared these to the calculator software results and found the results to be incorrect (carbohydrate was incorrect) albeit within regulatory tolerances. NIS explained whilst the results were incorrect they did meet the regulations.

With the size and scale of the business increasing (including a print on packaging order) and SALSA accreditation a key part of the business quality standard, we were asked to recalculate the entire product range. We certificated the label results independently and also looked into some issues in regard to supplier specifications in regard to sulphites.

NIS has supported this business to ensure all food label regulations are met but also offered independently certified results using NIS’ heritage within food manufacturing and scientific research. This will help the business with its SALSA accreditation and ensure when labels are printed they can be certain the results are right. NIS also assisted in guiding the customer with timescales in regard to using up packaging which would otherwise become obsolete, with the new regulations.

candyCase Study – Vertically Integrated Confectionery Business

This confectionary manufacturing business offered an online and retail service, allowing customers to choose which products they wanted to purchase both in their shops and also online.

As a result the requirements for their labelling regulations were more complicated, as they needed to include all possible products and still accommodate requisite nutrition data on limited packaging space.

NIS were able to offer a supportive service guiding the business through the food label regulations and ensuring the nutrition labels were compliant and worked with the current packaging and business model where choice was a key USP.

Case Study – Pressed Drinks Juice Business

juiceA pressed juices manufacturer supplying regionally but then awarded a national listing, requested us to support with independent certification of their nutrition labelling.

We provided the nutrition labelling and front of pack traffic lights but they also needed verification of the vitamins and minerals to support their marketing campaign for their drinks.

NIS calculated the vitamins and minerals and offered support through their partners ABC Foodlaw in regard to offering advice on health claims and marketing statements that could be made to support product.


Due to the strictly  confidential nature of these case studies we have kept the identity withheld, but we are happy to ask whether you can speak with our case study businesses directly for details of the services we provided should you wish to.