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We calculate nutritional information for you from your product recipes.

We also provide software to enable you to calculate your nutritional information from your recipe ingredients.


Self calculation software

If you would like a free trial of our self calculation service software Click here

‘We do it for you’ Service

Once we have received your recipe template and confirmed we have all the information we need, we will request payment from you via an email link and we will process your nutrition data.

Please download and complete you recipe template and then register (or log in if already registered) and attach your recipe template.

Download recipe template(s)

All of our food label nutrition data meets the new EU food label regulations.


Our service is a 5 working day turnaround – the charge is £35 per product for up to 5 products. For 6 or more products the charge is £25 per product.

Additional Services

Traffic Light – Front of Pack

traffic light labelsWe can produce your traffic light label (currently not a regulated requirement but if produced on pack there are regulations), for front of packaging as an additional service. The cost is £5 per recipe. You will be asked if you require this additional service when you complete your recipe template. Just mark an x on the product recipe template/s (see guidance instructions) that you need the traffic lights information for. Don’t forget to tell us if you need your traffic light for a specific portion size otherwise we will calculate to 100 grammes.

Voluntary Nutritional Ingredients

There are four ingredients which are voluntary and not obligatory but some retailers request these. We therefore supply these details (Starch, Fibre, Monounsaturates and Polyunsaturates) within your final image of your label. The voluntary nutritional values are clearly shown as non compulsory so you can choose to exclude these if you are short of space on packaging but be aware some retailer listings require these.

Discount offers

We offer free membership and discount codes to various business network organisations in the UK to help us market the service to SMEs. If you are a member of a business network organisation include this when you register and we will check whether you are entitled to a discount via your business network. Just enter the exact name of the organisation.

Recipe Template

You can download our recipe form (s) below.

Download Recipe Form (s)

Each template file can hold up to 10 recipes, although it is possible to add additional recipes by adding additional sheets to the workbook or simply use multiple template files.
More about the recipe template and how to send us your recipes.