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We calculate nutritional information for you from your product recipes.

We also provide software to enable you to calculate your nutritional information from your recipe ingredients.

Food Labelling Regulations

labelsThe new EU Food Information Regulations (EU 1169/2011), which include nutritional information became effective from 13th December 2014 and become mandatory from 13th December 2016 and replace the previous food labelling regulations.

The nutrients that must be included on all nutritional information are: energy, fat, saturated fat, carbohydrate, total sugars, protein and salt.

The Regulations say that general average nutritional values for ingredients can be used to calculate nutritional information for products. DEFRA (the Government Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs) guidance states that data from McCance and Widdowson’s The Composition of Foods can be employed for this purpose.

New technical guidance on nutritional labelling by the Department of Health

The Department of Health has provided Trading Standards and Environmental Officers with further definitions of those eligible for exemption of nutritional labelling.

Download guidance [PDF]

Detailed guidance on the new regulations by FoodDrinkEurope

FoodDrinkEurope have produced a detailed guidance document to help understand the requirements of the new regulations.

Download guidance [PDF]

Food information regulations 2013 – guide to compliance

This DEFRA document sets out a full guide to complying with nutrition data labelling requirements but also includes useful information on the other mandatory requirements for a food producer such as QUID and Allergens.

Download guidance [PDF]

Summary of the EU FIC provisions governing expression of nutrition information per 100g/ml and per portion/consumption unit

This report provides a useful summary on the mandatory and voluntary requirements of the new food labelling requirements, including the requirements for alcoholic drinks.
Download guidance [PDF]

Summary of the EU FIC Provisions for nutrition information from DEFRA

Food Labelling Regulations

This link to DEFRA provides useful information on other areas of food labelling and food packaging that food producers must comply with.

Download guidance [GOV]

Food and Drink labelling report from the Food and Drink Federation


This is a very easy to read well illustrated guide to both front of pack and back of pack food labelling regulations. It also explains the changes to reference intakes (RI) from the previous term guideline daily amount (GDI).

Download guidance [PDF]