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DIY Calculator

Simply create your own compliant nutritional labels with the DIY Calculator online

How the Nutritics DIY Calculator works

  • Build your recipes in the software using a huge food database
  • Nutritics does the calculations for you, price, allergens & 125 nutrients
  • Design a label with a drag and drop template & hit print - it's as simple as that!

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Why choose NUTRITICS DIY Service?

  • Cheaper, faster & more flexible than lab analysis
  • Design the size, shape and content of your own labels (no special printers necessary)
  • Allergens are automatically tagged to ingredients used in your recipes


  • Nutritics is cloud-based software. It can be accessed from any Windows, Mac or Linux computer with an internet connection.
  • Nutritics operates nutrition labelling software in over 120 countries.
  • The Nutritics database is comprised of the official national databases for each country with vast augmented data for photos, portions, etc. Nutritionists have manually augmented the global databases with photos, suggested portion sizes and detailed micro-nutrition for up to 300 nutrients.You wont get this data anywhere else!! Each database is available in the local language(s) and in English. In addition, a large database of universal Arabic foods has been created and toggleable databases from brands, food suppliers, retail chains & clinical feeds are maintained so you have total control over where your data is coming from
  • The Nutritics flexible pricing model starts as low as £16 (+ tax) per month for a basic licence. If you are interested in purchasing a more advanced account, or you are an enterprise customer, please contact them for further details, as their basic account offering may not be suitable for your needs.
  • Nutritics does not contract you into service so you may cancel at any time by logging into your account page and clicking the "cancel my subscription" link.

See their website for more details

T: 01603 255350

E: nis@quadram.ac.uk