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We calculate nutritional information for you from your product recipes.

We also provide software to enable you to calculate your nutritional information from your recipe ingredients.

NIS Crimbo blog 2017

The 12 Labels of Christmas

  We used a bit of nutritional artistic licence to produce these labels using Nutritics Here is our interpretation of the traditional Christmas song:               Drawings courtesy of Xavier Romero-Frias

It’s good to talk!

We have Twitter and we have Facebook, but sometimes the best form of conversation is face to face. We are often out and about with our stands, communicating about the composition of foods and nutrition labelling to an eclectic bunch. Here are a few examples of the conversations we have. We do love to talk. […]


Pumpkin Patch

Did you know that much of what we know about the nutrient content of UK pumpkins was derived from pumpkins bought from Norwich supermarkets, greengrocers and market stalls in 1985? This was part of a project funded by the Agricultural and Food Research Council to analyse “The Nutritional Composition of Retail Vegetables in the U. […]

Apples stacked V2

An apple a day

One of our Food Databanks team has grown some monstrous apples this year, which got us thinking, what nutrients would we get if we ate this one? Here is what we found: Weight 673g Nutrients per apple, 587g, assuming 13% left behind is the core. Kcal: 334 Protein: 3.5g Carbohydrate: 67g of which is sugars: […]

Orange Juice sugar levels

Traffic light label colours, (portion) size matters!

This nice piece in Cosmopolitan shows that buyers are getting more savvy on understanding labels and are beginning to spot when producers may manipulate traffic light colours by choosing to use a non-standard portion size. We double checked the orange juice information using our labelling calculator, and agree with the conclusions in the article, […]

Paul Finglas, Head of Food Databanks at QIB and Damian O’Kelly, Nutritics’ Founder and Chief Executive Officer

The Science & Software behind the label

Nutritics and Nutritional Information Solutions join forces in driving greater efficiency and transparency in the food industry Nutritics a global food service software provider, announces a new partnership with Norfolk-based Nutritional Information Solutions (NIS) to further enhance standards in recipe management and food labelling across the UK. As a division of IFR Extra (a wholly […]

coffee 1

Can coffee make you live longer?

A couple of recent scientific publications looking at coffee drinking and mortality led to a few interesting conversations in the office. We particularly like the press release that states “People who consumed one cup of coffee a day were 12 percent less likely to die compared to those who didn’t drink coffee”, now I am […]

seaweed 1

Seaweed, get by with a little kelp from your friends

I was going to write a blog about the health benefits and nutritional composition of seaweed, but the tide turned and I see that BBC rocked up first: Sea la vie. There are thought to be over 10,000 species of seaweed, reflecting its immense diversity, both in flavour and nutritional properties. So, I thought […]

tennis-ball 1


Q: What can you serve but not eat? A: A tennis ball   Give me a break, I am having some trouble with my server, so I have made a food and nutrition related blog using words I can make out of the letters in WIMBLEDON. Fifteen of them. “How many?” “Fifteen: love” BOILED; there will […]